Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Las Vegas & Mexico (Part 3)

Last part of the USA Trip. Vegas didn't result in many pics as I was having too much fun! Tulum, Mexico however is a wondrous place full of natural & historic goodness.
It wouldn't be a Vegas trip without driving a Super car
Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from the show 'Pawnstars'
Ahh Vegassssss!
Palm Trees, Eiffel Towers. Only in Vegas
Yes I do need sunscreen! For Mexico :)
Tulum is an amazing place, gorgeous rain forest, gorgeous beaches.
Waking up to this every day is something I could get used to... I have chosen my place of retirement :)

The stars come out at night, the clouds in the distance were part of Hurricane Sandy before it got big
Grackle sang to me every morning. I miss it
Tough question, Which one to choose today...?
Still lost on how this happened but looks cool

The entrance to the Mayan Ruins

Some of the buildings are still in good condition, access to them is restricted which means they will be around a while
The Mayans knew good real estate
The lizards live like Gods here

Have a good day :P
Rest of the photos HERE :) Enjoy

Saturday, February 23, 2013

USA 2012 (Part 2)

These photos are from my time through Yellowstone, Zion & Grand Canyon National Parks including some Road tripping in between - October 2012. First up Yellowstone, where we didn't stop for Old Faithful due to Time constraints
The steam from this natural hot spring was so dense it was hard to see through it at times
About to walk into the unknown
We would briefly get clear moments
The natural minerals that cause the differentiation in colour are a vibrant contrast to each other
I was addicted to taking photos of the steam fog that was engulfing us

This guy was quite happy hanging out by himself

The fur on this Fox looked so warm and comforting

The Dragons Mouth
Mud bath anyone?
Traffic Jam....
'You're on the wrong side of the road pal!'
Scars still remain from the Great Fires that ripped through this place
Fresh Powder
Goodbye Yellowstone - Off To Zion National Park
Natural Canyon formations in the US are just amazing

On to the Grand Canyon
I'd always wondered how Cliff's just naturally ended. They just end abruptly in the middle of nowhere lol
Let the Canyoning Begin
Oh hello Bridge

Finally made it! Mass expanse of Canyons that is the Grand Canyon


Don't look down brotha!!!!
Told you not to look down silly!!! Areas without fencing were a little to close for comfort

All photos HERE. Part 3 Vegas & Mexico to Follow